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Serranos has partnered with Cavanaugh Quintanilla, PLLC to provide free basic legal counsel for all employees! Attorneys will be available to assist should you have a basic legal question or need guidance as to your options regarding a legal issue. Fill out and submit the "Information Form" on this page and one of the attorneys will contact you within 24 hours.

Employees can seek guidance from the attorneys for issues such as:

  1. Personal Injury (car accident)

  2. Will & Estate Planning

  3. Divorce Proceedings

  4. Child Custody Issues

  5. Immigration Questions

  6. Real Estate Issues

  7. Landlord/Tenant Issues

  8. Debt Collection Questions

  9. Passing of Loved One

  10. Attorney Referrals


*Contacting an attorney does not automatically create an attorney-client relationship. Attorney does not agree to represent employee in ongoing legal matter, but may provide assistance where possible. Serranos is not responsible for any advice given to employee by attorney.