My childhood was defined by one challenge after another. Both my parents had substance abuse issues. We spent several years homeless, and were often without access to food. Because of this, I understood from a very young age that not only was education important, but it would be the key to escaping a similar path to my parents. I was determined to go to college. I just wasn’t sure what I would go for when the time came.

Overtime, as my family interacted with the law more and more due to the situations my parents created, I began to see how rewarding it would be to help people facing incredible legal challenges. Challenges to their family, their freedom, their housing, or their ability to support themselves. This led to my other true passion of helping people find a path forward when they face some of life’s greatest challenges. Still, it wasn’t until tenth grade that I determined I wanted to be a lawyer.

In the first semester of tenth grade I was assigned to serve as the “lawyer” in a science class. My role was to make the case for the extinction of the dinosaurs by a comet hitting the Earth. I enjoyed the process so much that I decided that year that law school was in my future. Over the next few years I learned how to work as a paralegal and spent my time learning about the legal system.

Of course, life threw more challenges my way, including having to drop out of high school to support myself when my mom went to prison. Despite that, with the support of the rest of my family, I made it to law school. I made it through law school. Today, as a licensed attorney, I get to help people navigate the law. I still have a journey ahead, but it helps to reflect on how far I have come towards achieving my dream. From homeless, to lawyer and business owner!


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