We all face pressure in our lives. For business owners the pressure can seem constant and inescapable. After all, opening and growing a business involves a daily battle between the uncertainty of tomorrow and the willpower to push forward. When the pressure is high, giving up is not an option. For many business owners, their work is their passion. They face each day knowing that they are at the reigns and that is an exhilarating feeling.

As local business owners ourselves, we know there are some situations that add to that daily pressure. Here are some tips we have learned for how to face those particularly hard times and possibly grow a little bit in the process:

1.      Figure out what the source or sources of the pressure are, but be sure to look beyond just the symptoms (i.e. lack of business might be a symptom for bad marketing, poor service, etc.)

2.      Make peace with yourself. Every business owner makes mistakes along the way. Spend 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day making peace with the mistake and then put it behind you. Go hike along Lady Bird Lake or get some coffee at the Buzz Mill. During that process remember that life is not about fairness, and neither is running a business. Bad stuff will happen. What matters is that you pick yourself back up.

3.      The buck stops with you. Making excuses or trying to point the blame elsewhere is pointless. You are the boss. Accept responsibility for the mistake and revisit point two if necessary.

4.      Make a plan. You know what the issue is, you have accepted responsibility and made peace with yourself. Now you need to make a plan of action. Scrap the marketing pitch that isn’t working, amp up your training, basically, do what needs to be done to start moving forward.

5.      Stay positive. Some issues can be fixed overnight; others will take time. Wherever you are in that process remember to stay positive and to spread that positivity throughout your business and your family.

6.      Rinse and repeat. Seriously, there is more than one mistake in your future and that is okay. The only way to avoid mistakes is not to try, and we all know that old saying about not trying!